About the Conference

The Organization of Islamic Conference known as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has been designing a plan since 2015, with the name of the introduction of the model city of tourism in the Islamic countries. In this plan, every year, a city from Islamic countries is introduced as "the typical tourist city of the Islamic world". In the first introduction of the city of Quds in Palestine in 2015, and in the second inauguration of the city of Konya, Turkey in 2016, was introduced as the most popular tourist destination of the Islamic world. For the year 2017, the city of Medina was chosen as the title and eventually the city of Tabriz was selected as the city of the tourism sample of the Islamic world in 2018. This selection was held at the 9th Ministerial Conference of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in the capital of the Niger, New Hampshire. Prior to this, two cities of Tabriz and Yazd from Iran were introduced according to selection criteria as candidates, which Tabriz was able to win.

 The Tabriz Municipality Scientific and Applied Science and Technology Center, with the cooperation of Tabriz University, intends to use the past experiences of renowned professors of prestigious universities in Iran and the world and scientific research institutions, civil, architectural and urban conferences in the countries of the Islamic world in order to select the city of Tabriz. As the capital of tourism in Islamic countries. The conference seeks to explain its concepts and objectives by bringing together scholars, scholars, academics, policy makers and managers, relevant organizations and interested individuals, and experts in the field of civil, architectural and urban planning. Suitable for the exchange of information and the presentation of new research findings in the field. This conference is an opportunity for the gathering of experts, experts and thinkers in the field of civil engineering, architecture and urban planning. The conference will provide the opportunity for dialogue and scientific communication with the universities and specialized centers of the country and the world in the field of common concepts related to the conferences.
On this basis, we are proud to invite all the experts, students, researchers and scientists from the scientific, research and industrial centers. Participating in the diverse events of this conference, participating in this important international event, and providing the latest scientific and executive achievements, will provide the ground for achieving the above objectives.